JKD Applied Philosophy

More than just the mere physical art, the essence of Jeet Kune Do is in the philosophy whether applied in martial arts or more importantly, in life itself for the cultivation of that which is real, your authentic self.

The greater the push, the greater the pull. Yet nature can neither be pushed nor pulled. Round and round things go. Summer chases winter, and winter, summer. Though opposites, they are in perfect harmony. Follow the path of the Tao (the Way) and you follow the path of life. Force is driven by wanting desires, feelings of lack. When desires are forsaken, that which was lacking is fulfilled. This blog exists not to give you the answers or tell you what to think, but serves as a place to help you to ask the right questions in order to end psychological, spiritual, and emotional suffering...to realize (and express) who you really are.

Keep the Cup Turned Over

If your cup is full, the mind is unable to absorb anymore. Emptying your cup will clear your mind temporarily, but only by leaving the cup turned over will it maintain it's usefulness.

If you're like most people you accumulated a lot of "baggage" through mental habits developed as a result of bouncing between pain and pleasure. Are you crazy or sane? How has your past shaped your self perception and how you perceive the world around you? Is that view the reality?
Empty cup

The Battle That Never Ends

Finding peace in the mists of deep psychological & emotional suffering

​Depression is perhaps one of the only things in this world you can go through and still not understand why or how. Most illnesses have a medical or logical explanation, but depression strikes you without reason. It strikes you whether your life is perfect or imperfect.
The Battle That Never Ends- Depression

Towards Self-Realization - Proverbs & Sayings

Self-realization is not a task to be taken up as a hobby such as fishing or sports. It is a journey that consumes the entire existence and soul of an human being. It can not be traveled half-heartedly or unconsciously for it demands your entire being.

What can be said about self-realization? What is the point of discussing it? On the subject of spirituality, what can not be said is of more value than what is said. Questions are of more importance than answers. In fact, if the answer does not raise another question, then it's probably the wrong answer.
Towards Self Realization

The Limitations of Ideology

There is a great tendency in our nature to live not through our bodies, but through our ideology, doctrines, and dogmas. By living through our ideologies, we give life to our ideologies by sacrificing our own.

...We never truly live, but rather the ideology lives instead. We never truly exist as an individual because ideology can not encompass individuality. These ideologies then take on a life of their own, a life we consider of more value than human life to such an extent that we are willing to kill in defense of our ideology.

Art of the Soul

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