The Jeet Kune Do Process

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An Online Jeet Kune Do Training Program designed to teach you the entire JKD curriculum as passed down from Bruce Lee to his first and second-generation students! Our program will take you through all the beginner and advanced levels with options for certification. Learn practical self-defense, earn certification, and get in shape. Membership consists of over 40 hours of lessons, applications, and training drills. You'll learn not just the techniques, but also how to generate power, improve timing, speed, coordination, balance, and the concepts to make it all work! In addition, live online classes are available three times a week with an emphasis on learning the original art and combat fitness training.

Experienced Instruction

Senior 2nd Trainer under the lineage of Sifus Tim Tackett (2nd generation student of Bruce Lee), Bob Bremer (direct student of Bruce Lee), and Jim Sewell (direct student of Bruce Lee). Certified USA Boxing Coach. O.M.A.F. Certified Kickboxing Coach. Trainer to numerous military and security professionals.
JKD Experienced Instruction

The Original Art

Learn Jeet Kune Do as originally developed by Bruce Lee. In reality, there is only one Jeet Kune Do (literally Way of the Intercepting Fist). We use the term "original" to distinguish ours from others who teach other styles of martial arts and call it Jeet Kune Do.
The Original Art of Jeet Kune Do


Earn rank and certification through our extremely detailed and easy to follow lessons! Our program consists of 8 ranks spread across over 40 hours of lessons. Students are encouraged to also study for themselves, comparing what they are learning to Bruce Lee's books and writings. Don’t forget sparring!
JKD Certification

Program Features

  • Beginners are Welcomed!

    Lessons are designed extremely detailed, thorough, and very easy to follow with or without a partner! You’ll also have direct access to your Trainer via phone, text, email, or our live online classes.

  • Community

    As a student, you’ll be a part of an active community with members around the world! Make new friends, exchange ideas, or just stick to training solo. The choice is yours!

  • Affordable

    A fraction of the cost of regular martial arts schools. Multiple training plans to chose from with the goal of making Jeet Kune Do accessible to as many as possible.

What to Expect

So, what happens after I sign up? What should I anticipate?

  • Once you sign up for any membership plan, you'll receive instant access to the entire JKD curriculum (Core and Advanced Training) and supplemental lessons in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

  • If you sign up for the Online Membership Plus Live Classes Plan, you'll also receive access to two live classes per week.

  • Online Membership Plus students can login to any two class days: Mondays 8:00pm-9:00pm EST, Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm EST and Sundays 4:30pm-5:30pm EST. Classes are recorded so you can view them even if you're unable to attend class.

  • You work through the online lessons or classes at your own pace.

  • If you decide to test for rank, just let us know and we'll set up a live online rank test.

"Thanks so much for being so accessible. I’ve never experience better detail on footwork. I have two blackbelts and have some prior knowledge about the footwork you taught, but the details you offer are far greater than anything I experienced."

Cristiano Little, Student

Rank and Certification

The JKD Process does offer optional certification and instructorship online for those interested in earning rank or possibly teaching Jeet Kune Do in the future. However, learning Jeet Kune Do is NOT about certifications, belts, or ranks. It's about having the skill and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. Bruce Lee did have ranks in his schools originally. However, as he evolved Jeet Kune Do, he did away with the ranking system because he believed that belts and other types of ranking were not necessary for training.

Bruce Lee felt that the driving force for growth in the martial arts should be inherent within each individual rather than the chasing of a colored belt or a piece of paper called a certification. While Bruce did eliminate ranks and certifications, our program does contain optional certification for those interested. The JKD Process rank structure consists of 8 ranks like the original format Bruce developed from beginner through instructorship. All testing is done LIVE online! Certification and testing, however, do not have to be done consecutively! This means if you're ready to test for a higher rank, you can! You don't have to work through material or levels you're already proficient at. Whether you desire to teach JKD or just learn the art, our program will get you there.


  • What makes this program different from other JKD online programs?

    Here's what makes us different: ✔Individual Attention- How many online instructors give out their personal cell phone for questions? We do! Here it is: 757-637-0392. ✔ Weekly Classes- We combine recorded video lessons with live classes. ✔ New Courses- We're always adding new courses and lessons at no additional cost. ✔ Authenticity- We teach authentic or original Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee taught his students from 1967 to 1973. ✔ Experience- Having not only studied Jeet Kune Do under 2nd generation students of Bruce Lee, but your Trainer also went a step further traveling all over the world learning from (or fighting) some of the very best.

  • Do I need any equipment for this program?

    While having a heavy bag, hand wraps, and boxing gloves help for training, no equipment is required. Most of the drills and exercises are taught with minimal or no equipment.

  • Is it really possible to learn JKD online?

    Absolutely! Our program is extremely detailed! We cover everything including the most insignificant detail. Honestly, we probably explain too much!

  • Does prior training count toward rank certification?

    Yes! You have the option to test for whatever rank you're ready for! Your prior training counts!

  • How long does it take to become an instructor?

    Frankly, it depends on each individual's level of effort and ability. Our program is not a black belt or certification factory. Rank must be earned. All ranks are expected to be able to have a thorough understanding and ability to perform the course material.

  • How often are new lessons available?

    Once you sign up, you'll receive instant access to ALL lessons (over 40 hours of instruction)! There is no drip dropping of lessons each week. You can progress as fast or as slow as you like through the lessons.

Hear directly from our students:

Don't simply believe us

“Rob is very thorough instructor. He does a great job of tailoring his instruction for each of his students level. He makes the environment fun and challenging on all levels, which makes me want to continue to attend all of his future sessions!”


Jason Richardson

“The most correct approach to JKD and self-defense.... Here you find the true spirit of martial art - earnest instruction of correct techniques and mindsets for self-defense of all skill levels.”


Brandon Corbin

“I am starting to do some JKD training at a local gym in June, but I think I'll stick to your online program because it's just going to help me so much more. You explain every detail and why things will work and I need that starting at 49.”


Charles Duncan

Choose from multiple plans to suite your training goals!

The Online Membership includes the entire JKD curriculum in easy-to-follow self-study videos! This membership is inclusive of both the core JKD curriculum, advanced curriculum, and a bonus course in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu! The supplemental Wing Chun course includes all empty hand forms, drills, and Wooden Dummy form. The Online Membership Plus includes the above as well as two live online classes per week. Live classes are available Monday 8:00pm-9:00pm EST, Wednesday 8:00pm-9:00pm EST, and Sundays 4:30pm-5:30pm EST. Log in any 2 days you like! Classes are also recorded so you can view them afterward if you are unable to attend class.

Online Membership Plan

The full JKD Course & Ranking Program! ($25/month)

Online Membership Plus Live Classes

The full JKD Program plus weekly live online classes! ($39/month)

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