Emptying your cup and keeping it turned over is the wiping away of all the accumulation of pain, suffering, and artificial pleasure that you're still holding on to. It is the exhale of your inhale. What do we do in fearful situations or under stress?  We inhale and hold our breath. Just do a push-up and notice the tendency to hold your breath. Why is this? Isn't it instinctive? Most animals do the same, but you have the ability to let it go, to exhale. 

So, why don't you exhale? Why don't you let go of all the junk that you're holding on to? You see, whether it is pain or artificial pleasure, they are two sides of the same coin. Pain gives birth to fear, in order to escape both, we seek out instant gratification, instant pleasure in the form of the physical, drugs, or anything to turn off the mind. Isn't the reason you cannot let go is because you're still scared? 

What do you do when you are scared? Do you not resist the fear? Fear rises within us the tendency to fight or flight. We cannot accept reality or our perception of reality. Fight seeks to change that reality which may work for a time. Flight seeks to run and hide from that reality. It is the equivalent of playing hide and seek with yourself. You hide yourself from your pain through temporary pleasures, then go seeking after yourself again. But you never really went anywhere and neither did the pain. You do this over and over again. 

The problem is reality is so big and so large, if you fight, it will eventually choke you. It's stronger, faster, and has more stamina than you ever will. Time never gets tired. If you run, you cannot hide anywhere reality is not. It will be there wherever you are. 

So, what is reality? What is real? Your thoughts? Are they real? Your opinions, views? How about your past? It happened, right? Does that make it real?

Let's start with this: if it can be interpreted, viewed through the lens of judgment, it is not real. You see, reality can be seen, but once we say, "Oh, look, I see a tree" or "I see a person" or "I see a car" etc, then it is no longer real. Tree, person, car, words, man-made words, are they not? You see, can the word "tree" truly describe the essence of the tree? How many words would be required to describe the essence of a simple tree? It is infinity in a drop. As the present moment is without beginning or end, such would be the number of words required to describe this moment. If there are not enough words in language to describe even a tree, how much less this present moment? 

We experience reality through our senses, but the meaning of which our mind tells us. Often we can not control the experience, but the interpretation. To see life as it is without interpretation is to view life with a clear psyche. To view life as it is without interpretation is joy. 

The eyes and ears see and hear reality for what it is, but there is often a lag between what is seen and the mind's understanding. Frankly, the mind cannot understand it, which is why it creates its own interpretation. Left to its own devices, this interpretation can be greatly negative. Use positive affirmations and faith to tell the mind what is real before it decides on its own.  

In your day to day life, unless you are a Buddha, you will not have time to reflect on the nature of the tree, its essence, to see it for what it is. Therefore, it's easier to just say, "that is beautiful," to just show appreciation for the glory of the tree. This is the quickest way to bridge the gap between reality and your mind, through faith and affirmations. 

To call a tree a "tree" for example without acknowledging its beauty is to miss the entire essence of the tree and separate yourself from reality as you now see everything as a category (tree, plant, cloud, etc). While language is truly a gift, it can separate us from what is real. 

So, how do you clear your psyche and change how your brain works? Focus on it. In your meditation practice, set your intention to clear your accumulated psychological suffering. Search your spirit, you need to find what pain or pleasure you're holding onto. Invite it to reveal itself to you. You cannot find it, but by inviting it, it will show up. Exhale and let it go sailing away. Let go of your resistance. Be vulnerable. Let it go. Experience the joy that remains. Let your faith be the means by which you carry that joy with you throughout your day. 

Revisit this often in your practice as mental patterns have a way of showing back up. Stick with your practice even after you think it's clear. The stronger your mental pattern, the more practice it will take. Spend weeks and months practicing just clearing the same issue. It does not have to be daily (daily is best), but should be regular, once or twice a week usually is a good start adding more as needed. 

Wishing you peace, compassion, and freedom from suffering.